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300,000 Words, One Year.
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Year long writing challenge to encourage discipline and creativity.
While this is a writing community, it is unlike many that are out there. There are no deadlines here other than those you put on yourself. This community is about self-discipline and challenging yourself. Any language is welcome for the challenge.

The Challenge: Write 300,000 words in one year. It can be one novel or many small stories. It can be fiction or non-fiction or a mix of both. The challenge is to write and write often.

Once you accept the challenge join. Upon being accepted post here to record the day your challenge starts, what you plan on writing and any goals you might have.

When the mood hits your fancy you are welcome to post her for encouragement, how far you’ve progressed or to have your work read/critiqued/proofread. We do ask that once a month you update on your progress through a word count or posting completed text (either as a post or link). If you do not post for the month you will be warned and the second month of no update will end in removal for the community. While there are no deadlines there is structure. It is okay to post that this month life was too hectic to add to my word count. All of us understand being busy.

Yes, NaNo and other writing challenges can count provided the piece/section/chapter etc was written and I stress written not revised during the 365 days you are in this challenge.

We are here to support one another in a challenge we are all undertaking. Flaming or disrespectful attitudes will not be tolerated.

If you are interested in keeping daily totals you can find handy HTML charts here for keeping weekly and monthly word counts. I am working on a daily in depth word count chart but it does require some HTML knowledge. If you are interested feel free to email Titania at the email below.

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